venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Selling stuff again! :D

My darlings :D
As I told you last time, my style is evolving, which means that I need:
-more space in my wardrobe;
-more money to buy new stuff XD.
Which lead me to selling some of the newest and most beautiful pieces of my collection :D I still love them very much, but I'm also aware that it's not fair to their awesomeness to just let them hung there in my wardrobe. They deserve better. Maybe there's someone out there who can give them all the love that they need!

These are the new things I'm selling. Please note that the vast majority of my clothes have only been worn once (I usually sell stuff because I realize I don't use it, so it's practically new). If you need further details, measurement or worn pictures, feel free to ask!

1. Alcatraz corseted longsleeve top

Worn once; bought at €30, I'm selling it at €15 + shipment.

2. Alcatraz corseted top with lace sleeves

Worn maybe twice. Bought at €50, selling it at €25 + shipment.

3. H&R red and black lace corseted minidress

Worn once. Bought at €60, selling it at €40 + shipment.

4. Garcja damask dress

Worn once. Bought at €30, selling it at €15 + shipment.

5. Red flocked Hell Bunny minidress
Worn once.
Bought at €30, selling it at €20 + shipment.

And there's also other stuff I'm selling HERE, if any of you's interested :D!
I'm really sad about parting ways with these items, which are definitely among my favourite ones, but maybe they're meant to be happier with someone else. ;-;

Have a nice weekend ;*!

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  1. I am interested in the first two depending on exchange rate of money and postage. Do you think it'd be a lot to post to Australia? Also I guess I neeed measurements.

    1. Hey <3!
      I read your other comments too :) I tried to figure out what would be the cheaper shipment rate for Australia; the things is, it depends on how many of these things you're going to buy, because it's based on the weigh of the package.
      If you're going to buy all of the things you asked me about, it's going to cost you € 20 (yes, I'm shipping from Italy :)!). If you buy one or two items, the weigh would be lesser and it would cost you €13.

      As regards measurements: the Sinister skirt and the ripped skirt are a one size fits all; they're elastic, so they would fit you in any case.
      The tops in this entry are an M size. The first one measures 42 cm breast and 33 cm waist, but it's quite stretchy and you can even rule its size with the bow. The second one with lace sleeves measures 34 breast and 30 waist.
      The Anna House Blouse is 41 breast and 36 waist.
      The corset is an L size, it fits up to a D cup; 39 breast, 34 waist.
      The Zara dress, M size, is 41 breast - 29 waist, but that one is extremely elastic too.

      God, I'm crap at taking sizes XD well, anyways, if you're an M size they're going to fit you (some of them can fit a bigger size too).
      My measurements are 90-67-90 and most of these clothes fit me loosely.

      As regards the exchange rate, currently 1€ = 1,5406 australian dollars.
      You would spend €13 for packages that weigh up to 350 grams, which means one or two items. If you buy more, it's going to be €20. You should decide what's best for you, to buy everything and thus divide the shipment cost among all the items, or buy a few and spend a little less on the shipment :).
      Let me know ;D!

    2. Ahhhh exchange rate is so terrible right now! There is a couple of things that might fit me there, but I am not sure if I should get them at the moment! I will have to think about it! If you sell them to someone else that is ok!

  2. Risposte
    1. Actually a few of this clothes are a one size, so they should fit everyone XD was there something in particular you liked?

  3. Darn it all, I would love to purchase the first two from you-- however, I am in the process of buying a house!
    Spending cash is practically non-existent. If you still have them available in a month or two, I will definitely buy them, heheh.
    They're two pieces I've always coveted when I saw you post them in the past

    1. Ahah XD I hear you, I'm currently broke too because of a travel XD but anyways, it's amazing that you're buying your own house, congratulations *_*! I can't wait to see how you're going to decor it <3